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 Air Sacrier Questions D:

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Air Sacrier Questions D: Empty
PostSubject: Air Sacrier Questions D:   Air Sacrier Questions D: EmptySat Jun 16, 2012 3:32 pm

Hi, hi.
So this is my first ever Sacrier... like... ever. ; ~;

So, I have a bit of questions for an Air Sacrier build. c:
I still do want to have my own unique build, I don't want to copy someone else's build completely.

Anyways, so for starters, my equips are currently: A Blibli Set with an Ibo-Nanga Mace.
After level 40, I plan to equip Royal Blibli Set and a Goultard (If I can get my hands on one. D:).

Which set should I try for after the Royal Blibli set?

Secondly, I have 80 stat points currently at level 37 that I haven't used yet.
At first, I was planning on saving up for an extra AP, but with the Royal Blibli Set and the Goultard, it seems a little unnecessary..
So I was wondering what I should spend those points on.

Maybe another MP? Some Agility? Dodge? Enough HP to counteract the -85/55 from a Goultard?

And finally, the specialties!
I've no idea what to get for an Air Sac. D:
I'm strictly Air branch and I am not a tank, just trying to deal as much damage as possible.

As of right now, my plan is to cap Angrrr at around 10.
Then get Moribund...? Or Clinging To Life?

My Attraction and Transposition are maxed out right now.
But, I've no idea what to get after those 2. ; ~;

Some tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated!
A lot more than just laying out a build, to be honest. ;x
I want to maintain a unique, personal build.... so yeah..

Thank you~
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Air Sacrier Questions D:
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