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 frozen-geezer/frozen-tampon/frozen-blood aka. (CJ)

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frozen-geezer/frozen-tampon/frozen-blood aka. (CJ) Empty
PostSubject: frozen-geezer/frozen-tampon/frozen-blood aka. (CJ)   frozen-geezer/frozen-tampon/frozen-blood aka. (CJ) EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 3:01 pm

so lots of u people dont know me which i think its time to chance, so my name is CJ stands for carl-james (dont ever call me that call me CJ) about 5 years ago i got in trouble with the system aka the police for drug posession which made it so my parents wouldnt let me live with them when i got out of jail so i lived at the union gospel mission in salem oregon the mission only lets u stay ther for 2 months unless ur gonna join their christian program which then u can live there for like 1 year well i tried to do the program and i guess talking about how easily someone could rob the mission warehouse is considered conspiring to rob the mission warehouse so they kicked me off the program

so for about a year i was liveing on the streets homeless getting food with food stamps and eating at homeless shelters, also meeting alot of people well i met this one girl and for now she will remain unnamed so i set unnamed up with one of my best friends even though i liked her cause i could see she liked him and didnt see she liked me. anyways things didnt work out with them and one day i just txt her and told her that i liked her.... well then it all came out she told me she has liked me for the year we have known each other and i did the same. so we instantly hooked up, except what i didnt know is that her parents were rich and they hated my guts cause of my possession charge cause there christian and its so bad to be doing drugs even though i had been drug free for about 2 years.

i talked to my mom and she told me she would give me her camper traler as long as i payed to put it in my name. so i did and for a year unnamed and i lived in the trailer well soon i was thinking about asking her to marry me and i was getting things planned and talking to ppl about what i could do.... when out of nowhere unnamed ruined it and asked me to marry her....ofcourse i said yes but she ruined my plans....well we got married and her parents werent to happy about that but they learned to like me for who i am rather then for what i had done so a year later her parents bought us a house (which i am living in now and its awesome with an amazeing completely remodled kitchen) so we fixed up the house and r liveing in it today

also some things i didnt mention was that we have 2 cats and 1 dog (and my cat is amazeing its name is kitty and its so cool it can catch humming birds and squirrels...)

im a freckled faced guy who is about 5'11" i weigh about 220lbs, i love ribs and videogames i think gears of war is an amazeing xbox game. im somewhat of a nerd and am pretty good at hacking computer.... not that i have hacked anything but my own computers but yea.

i also have a friend who got me into dofus his name is levi one day he came into his house the house i was staying in for a while when i was a kid and said "FROZEN BLOOD DRENCHED POPSICLE TAMPON" and because of that one day i have decided to name all my characters i use as frozen- (someting or another.) such as my frozen-tampon eni in the guild

anyways i look forword to hearing and getting to know all of u the guild seems to be somthing im intrested in.
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frozen-geezer/frozen-tampon/frozen-blood aka. (CJ)
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