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 Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote

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Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote Empty
PostSubject: Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote   Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 10:55 pm

Okay, so I want to say right away that I absolutely hate that damn Cupe'Em game and its random ass rapin- er, I mean SENSUAL LOVINGS caused by enemy spawn. Even with this strategy that I managed to work up after replaying it a ton of times, you still are at the complete mercy of the Boss's spawn location. If it spawns too close, you lose. No getting around it.

So, on to the setup. This takes 3 turns to get set up, and afterwards is pretty easy to maintain. Before we get into the breakdown, remember to ONLY use shot 1 (single target attack for 1mp) and ALWAYS have both beacons up as soon as you can.

Turn 1: Only shoot two of the initial spawns. You'll need to conserve MP to run up to the edge of the lower wall (to protect one side, at least) and throw down the first beacon. The beacon is on the fourth space from the left edge, against the lower edge of the screen.
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Prioritize killing whatever two little gobs will be closest to hitting you there, or would be in your way to get to that point, of course. If necessary, you can kill 3 little gobs and end your turn one further space to the right, but you're risking a little more potential damage from turn 2, which has notably more spawns.

Turn 2: Move into position just to the left of the beacon and kill as many little guys as possible. This spot will be your magical safe haven starting next turn.
Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote 1285597-5NZMU6Y

Turn 3: Kill anything to your immediate left and place a beacon adjacent to you.
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You have now entered your fortress. A single enemy can only attack you via melee bite from the panel directly in front of you, and the wall directly in front of you prevents any rushing charge from the little gobs. Little gobs can still spit on you to reduce mp from diagonal range, but that doesn't do damage.

From here on out, your goal is to end every turn inside your fortress and kill any enemies close enough to be a threat. Taking two steps in any direction allows you full sight range of the left hallway, the bottom hallway, and the entire middle courtyard. This allows you to maximize your time spent shooting or replacing destroyed beacons instead of moving. The only exception to this is when you trigger the health panel bonus. When this triggers, prioritize stepping on as many health panels as you can without jeopardizing your position (aka ending turn out in the open). When the boss spawns, he will do one of two things during his initial roar. Either he charges up all of the enemies on screen, giving them a huge MP (and damage?) bonus, or he auto stuns you.
Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote 1285630-0O44AQD
Yeah, this happens a LOT. If he spawns near you, you will get stunned, and you will inevitably die. Nothing to do but try again.

As with any game at the fair, just trust in your luck and prepare yourself to have to do some retries. Now go out there and give those damn gobs some SENSUAL LOVINGS for me!
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Cupe'Em All strategy and getting the Kiss emote
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