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 New to this, So I might as well say hi!

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PostSubject: New to this, So I might as well say hi!   Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:08 pm

Hello! Very Happy

I'm Stealth Bloodseek. I'm a rather new member of the guild.

My interests are of mostly wakfu currently, and I draw a lot of anime art due to the anime I watch and the ideas that pop in my head! (Feel free to ask for art requests.)

With requests, I do mainly chibi, but it's optional, of course.

Another thing about me is that I like to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and Wakfu now, in general, as well as Minecraft and Pokemon!


What got me introduced to this guild was through a user on the game, who offered me a chance to join because my last one was inactive. I do thank this person very much, too, for offering! Hopefully, I fall into the good side for a while to you guys.

I didn't write much, but this is basically just a small post to introduce myself with!
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New to this, So I might as well say hi!
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