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 House Party(:

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. Oshera .

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House Party(: Empty
PostSubject: House Party(:   House Party(: EmptySat Feb 09, 2013 8:37 am

It's been some time since you partied in astrub, has it not? Well maybe that first sentance was incorrect/invalid for some of you, but for most I think it is safe to say the last time you ran HoD, HoR, or HoT was back when your levels were so low that it seemed like they hit harder than whispers.. Am I wrong? Well wrong or right I propose we have a House Party, or better yet.. how about we have three house parties ? Now that we are all high and mighty with our levels (cept me I'm still a nub) how about we pay our old friends from Destiny, Respite, and Trouble a little visit to talk about old times while you cream them? Could do all three one after another in order and then go hang out in the tavern in astrub for some good old astrubian beer.. I know you pandas won't be able to resist that astrubian beer ..

Once again just an idea .. a weak idea, yes .. but an idea none the less .. besides I can't really participate in anything other than a non sub area haha so I thought maybe I could trick you guys into joining me in astrub taking 1 day out of your grinding to lv 110 and just coming talking having a fun time crashing the House Parties..

Couple things could end up.. first scenario .. not enough people .. ends up being 3 people and we have a blast cause all the rest of you don't want to do anything .. haha you're to "cool" for us Razz .. scenario 2 .. it doesn't happen and I end up doing the same thing I do every other day.. chill in astrub wishing ankama would make an error and accidently push a button that somehow subbs me forever ... (: .. scenario 3 we go.. but we don't even talk or comunicate .. just an akward killing of low level dungeons .. scenario 4 we have a blast(: .. scenario 5 .. a meteor comes and wipes out all of wakfu ..

Got anything to add, or ask about post away(: If you want to do it or even if you don't want to do it post away if you wish to(: Feedback is always a good thing imo(:
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House Party(:
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