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 Miner's Weapon Craft Mastery

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PostSubject: Miner's Weapon Craft Mastery   Miner's Weapon Craft Mastery EmptyThu Apr 04, 2013 12:20 am

I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but I have a list of what is needed to reach level 97 in any Weapon Crafting profession purely by mining.

It's quite time consuming, but if you take it a little bit at a time you can have your very own Master's Seal.

1200 Iron
4000 Coal
3872 Cobalt
2580 Bronze
5450 Dark Carbon
3630 Quartz
4500 Silver
4500 Bauxite
2250 Titanium

Quite a staggering amount, but it's useful to have this knowledge.
Here's what you'll need if you're using a Mea Culpa Potion.

600 Iron
2000 Coal
1936 Cobalt
1290 Bronze
2725 Dark Carbon
1815 Quartz
2250 Silver
2250 Bauxite
1125 Titanium

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Miner's Weapon Craft Mastery
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